Irene Rajagopal, Esq.

This blog traces the latest development of copyright law and cases, as well as the trends in various industries, in the United Staes and all over the world. 

This blog is  prepared and published by Ms. Irene Rajagopal, the attorney at  PAPER Law Office PLLC. Based in Bellevue, Washington State, Irene is an international copyright and business lawyer. She has a decade of legal experiences in China, and she is licensed to practice law in Washington State, U.S.. Ms. Rajagopal studied IP Law in University of Washington.

PAPER Law Office PLLC helps copyright owners across the country and all over the world handle copyright licensing, copyright clearance and copyright registration in the United States. PAPER Law Office PLLC  serves authors, artists, musicians, photographers, music companies, designers, producers, media companies to protect their most value assets -- copyrighted works. The services include:

  • Copyright registration at US Copyright Office;
  • Copyright clearance;
  • Copyright licensing and assignment;
  • Commercialization of copyrights;
  • Purchase and sale of art works.

In addition, PAPER Law Office PLLC provides business legal services:

  • Business formation (corporation, LLC, partnership);
  • Contracts and agreements.

The vision of PAPER Law Office PLLC is to boost the creativity and humanity in the digital age. 

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